What Corrections Were Made to My Recent PR and How Can I Improve My Future Work?

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Thanks for the help above. Starting a new thread for a question around my recent PR. It looks like a whole bunch of commits had to be done from others to fix it somehow and I’d like to understand what was done and how perhaps I could be better with my own work. It’s all done now, nothing blocking, just questions to help me understand.

One commit appeared to lower the version numbers of the actions I committed. I had to increment a few times to test new iterations of the code. So I suppose for “production” code there’s a separate version tracker?

Here’s a commit that changed the version numbers on the discord related sources, which I did not touch with my changes. Do all the version numbers need to be updated for a given application?

I don’t understand how this one was related at all

Discord application related but still not relevant to my changes. I’m just curious why all this was necessary and if I need to keep a larger scope in mind when I make contributions?

Hi, , I’m the one who made all those commits. Here are some attempted explanations for them. :slightly_smiling_face: For contributions, you do want to update the versions of any components that import any files you make changes to. The other updates I made were relatively unusual, and you won’t typically need to worry about them.

• For the commit labelled “updates” - I updated the import of “constants.mjs” to “./constants.mjs”, which is what I think was preventing QA from publishing it. I also changed the actions versions to be one increment above the existing versions. You’re correct, that it’s a separate version tracker for production vs. components published to your account.
• For the commit labelled “bump source version” - Since the Discord app file (discord.app.mjs) was updated, all components that import it have have their versions updated.
• For the commit labelled “raindrop” - When merging w/ master and pushing the results, the code is automatically checked by ESLint for formatting requirements and updated if needed. Somehow a component was published that wasn’t formatted properly (not sure how that can happened), and since it was changed, the version for it needed to be updated as well.
• For the commit labelled “fix key” - The key for one of the Discord sources was incorrect and needed to be updated. This one was probably published before we started automatically checking for errors in keys.