What Can Be Done to Resolve Issues with the Google Drive "Create New File From Template" Action?

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Hi team. Congrats on 1m workflows! The global search is awesome too.

I’m having difficulty with the built-in Google Drive “Create New File From Template” action.

As seen in my screenshots it is working as expected but the function for replacing {{placeholder_text}} does not seem to be working. It runs successfully but just deletes the placeholder and leaves it blank.

Any ideas?

Hey Paul, I was able to reproduce your issue — can you help triage and get this on the board to investigate and fix? Here is what I tested.

Thanks Danny, thanks Leo.

Thanks for noticing me !

Hello @U01TH90LUE5, on your action, could you remove the brackets {{ }} around your key? For example: replace {{date}} with date. I’ve tested with this case and it works correctly for me

Ah! Good catch, Leo!

do you think that we can add an example in the description to be clear for user?

Can you get a ticket on the board to clean up all the prop descriptions? They could all be improved (I’m happy to help with that if you tag me on the ticket)