We're hiring! And we shipped new features, along with moar apps and actions

Hey y’all! :wave: We’ve got some exciting updates for you!

:money_mouth_face: We’re hiring engineers and designers! And also offering $10,000 USD to anyone who refers someone we hire (as long as they stay at Pipedream for 6 months). This referral bonus is valid for any of our open roles, including a new Lead Data / Analytics Engineer opening. Please send referrals to referrals@pipedream.com!

:star: As the Pipedream community grows, we’d like to celebrate our first contributor-of-the-month, @CelesteBancosHP. Celeste has contributed QuickBooks components, fixed bugs in our Zoho CRM integration, shipped changes to our docs, and helped answer a number of questions from the community. She always provides thoughtful product feedback, especially on the component development model. We are lucky to have you as a part of the community, Celeste!

New features :raised_hands:

:stopwatch: We’ve more than doubled the max timeout for workflows for customers on paid plans, from 5 to 12.5 minutes! :tada: More info here.

:play_or_pause_button: Have you ever blown through your invocations limit, only to discover there’s a source that’s been polling on some regular interval even though it’s not tied to an active workflow? We’ve fixed this. Read more here.

:face_with_monocle: In order to increase visibility throughout your workflows, you can export data at a new variable, $summary, to surface brief, user-friendly messages for users when an action succeeds. Learn how to start building this into components today.

New actions and moar app integrations :fire:

:woman_technologist: We’ve published new actions to upsert rows in Google Sheets, send data to Loggly and CloudWatch Logs, take advantage of Typeform, send messages with a file in Discord, we fixed a :bug: with Stripe actions, and we have a lot more coming soon.

:scream: We’ve added 41 new app integrations since our last update! Act! 365, Aero Workflow, Agile CRM, Beekeeper, BetterVoice, Booqable, Checkvist, CompanyHub, Donately, EngageBay, Files.com, Freshservice, Hiveage, Kanbanize, Miestro, NetHunt CRM, noCRM.io, Nordigen, Occasion, Ontraport, Papyrs, Phaxio, Pipeline, Pipeliner CRM, quentn, robly, Sendbird, SendOwl, Sifter, Simplero, Siteleaf, Statuscake, SurveyMethods, UpViral, WebMerge, WhatsApp by Online Live Support, Workbooks CRM, Workstack, Yanado, YouCanBook.Me, Zonka Feedback

:writing_hand: @dylburger wrote a blog post detailing how we deliver personal support at internet scale for the Pipedream community, and the team at Parseur wrote a post discussing how Parseur + Pipedream work together to enable powerful automations.

A huge thank you to all of you in the Pipedream community and especially to @MichelleBergeron, Jacob P, @sergio, Cassiano V, and Jorge C for all your recent contributions! :pray: