Webhook stopped triggering since yesterday, no changes to the code

Hello team,
I have this urgent issue, without any changes to the code for over a month, my webhook stopped received the triggered event.
The event is originated from Monday.com, calling pipedream platform uniquely generated webhook.
I have two events that stopped triggering, the Mondayom shows that the event was sent successfully.

This is related to Mondaycom integration, I think. Any ideas where to go next?

After some further research, I see that the component (library component) is generating an error:
UserError:bad options response for prop: column


TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'filter')

at Object.options (file:///pipedream/dist/code/5d55f136f08c253a5c117f11b473467f237a35e4a8e5eb64f0f052dd90f2d853/code/monday.app.mjs:127:12)

at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5)

at async /var/task/node_modules/@lambda-v2/component-runtime/src/configureProp.js:85:13

at async captureObservations (/var/task/node_modules/@lambda-v2/component-runtime/src/captureObservations.js:28:5)

at async configureProp (/var/task/node_modules/@lambda-v2/component-runtime/src/configureProp.js:84:22)

at async MessagePort.<anonymous> (file:///var/task/component_maker.mjs:100:9)

Infortunately I don’t have access to the component, but it seems that it is calling the queries.mjs file located in the common folder, and this file is using GraphQL queries that is using a discontinued type, which is Int! instead of ID!.

Please help,

Hi @outbakery, can you share a few more details to help us dig in further? Which triggers have you configured here that are no longer working?

Looking at our component code for Monday (https://github.com/PipedreamHQ/pipedream/tree/master/components/monday), nothing has changed on our end in the past 6 months, so perhaps Monday.com made a recent change within their API. I’ll dig in further, but if you can help point me to which specific triggers are broken, that would be helpful.

@outbakery, I see that Monday released a significant number of breaking changes with the latest version of their API.

I’ll need to test to see which components need to be updated, but thank you for flagging the issue, and I’ll share a link to the Github issue when ready so that you can follow along for tracking.

New Specific Column Updated (Instant)

This is the name of the component. And yes, Monday has a lot of breaking changes. I think there is a way for you to request a one-time extension that they offer on their website. This should buy some time, at least until Feb 10.

Thank you,

I’ve created a ticket here for tracking:

That being said, I’ve applied for a one-time extension and the API calls are still failing with my key that should have gotten an extension.

I’ve prioritized a fix with the team, please follow along the Github issue. Thanks for your patience!