Want to add a daily entry counter


I am making a study tracker for myself. I write done in front of the cell of every page number I read. I want a script that would count these “done” daily and update that in another sheet in front of the date. So I will know how many I read per day and keep track.

Hi @prathameshpawar46

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

Neat idea! Sure this is possible with a Pipedream workflow.

Here’s my advice on how to lay this out:

  1. Set the trigger of the workflow to a Schedule and set it to run once daily
  2. Add a Google Sheets - Get Values action to retrieve your Google Sheet data
  3. Use a Node.js code step to count the non-null values with your time period in the Done column in your Google Sheet data
  4. Send an email to yourself with the Email action with the summary