Vimeo and dropbox

Hi i run a wordpress site containing videos
the way it works is uploading a video in my site it will call a api to vimeo it will process it in vimeo and come back to my site im wondering if i can paste a link of dropbox video and it should copy it over to my vimeo account can i do it with pipe dream any help is appreciated


@torazoom Thanks for reaching out. Could you do me a favor and outline exactly what you’d like to do, step by step? For example, I’d love if you could provide this level of detail:

  1. I upload a video to my Wordpress site.
  2. Wordpress supports webhooks, and it sends a webhook as soon as I upload a video (see example docs here).

That level of detail will help me understand every system / API involved, and I can give you some guidance from there.


here where the speaker has access to upload a video it mkaes api to vimeo than it comes bacl to our web platform wordpresss atthe moment he can browse for a file and upload it now we want to paste a drop box link or a youtube link and it should do the job