Vendor capabilities

I was going to create a request in github - but, thought of initiating a discussion here to understand how general sentiment towards this feature. Throwing these ideas based on my experience of being a vendor on tradingview platform.

Use Case:
Let’s say I have built a complete pipeline for a very generic use-case and I want to let others make use of this pipeline for a charge. Let’s say, I want to charge a monthly fee or fee based on number of executions. Meanwhile, I also want to protect my implementation (source code for any custom action components I have implemented).

At this point, it is not possible to do so as any implementation published will display the source code.

Possible Solution (List of new feature which may be required to fulfil this)

  • Optionally, Create a separate subscription type for Authors/Vendors. Pipedream can think of charging higher subscription fees for these accounts.
  • Allow public library where authors/vendors (if not creating new account type, this can also be allowed to any user) can freely write and publish their action components based on existing applications.
  • Authors can publish them as either open source, or protected source or paid protected component.
  • Paid components can be charged - per execution/per duration - can be planned further. You can also decide how the transactions can go? Will that be via pipedream or vendors can manage their own system.
  • Pipedream can also take a cut from the vendor income if the transactions are metered and charged via pipedream and not externally by vendors.


  • This will encourage more vendors - who have knowledge on integrations and coding to embrace the system - thus increasing user base.
  • Can be additional income stream for pipedream.
  • Increases the open source components in the library as well.


  • Public library need to be monitored for any unethical publications such as copying someone else, redundant - similar type of components, components having malicious intent etc.

Let me know your thoughts. Happy to discuss further.

Hi @voldemort

Thanks for the feedback! I love this idea, and I have so many questions for you.

What kind of “premium” workflows are you interested in publishing? Are you currently trying to share workflows with a specific community?

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I am vendor for trading algorithms. I have set of pattern based trading algorithms which users subscribe to.

With pipedream, I can build trading bot setups which can take alerts over webhook requests from external systems such as tradingview and use them for placing online orders. Well, once we have many crypto and broker integrations in the system of course. It may be something specific to my algorithms or a very generic ones. Or complex components involving better calculations of risk, leverage, position sizing etc. which are tied to broker or exchange integrations.

Another scenario - personally I am using pipedream to manage subscriptions for my algorithms. I can also think of making this system generic and make it available for other vendors who are on tradingview.

Overall - if there are any activity/business with similar patterns, making reusable integration component isn’t that hard.

These are just the ideas I am having at present. There can be many.

Thank you so much for the brainstorm and ideas here, @voldemort!

A lot of this is aligned with how we’re thinking about evolving the component registry and integration marketplace. We also think our customers should be able to publish private components and let them manage access on their own, separately from the public Pipedream registry, and we’re hoping to invest in this area in 2023.

We have some of these capabilities on the near term roadmap (allowing you to create templated workflows that you can share out with other people), and some of these require additional planning and investment (more complex and nuanced billing rules for example).

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