V2 composer http request with nodejs

Trying to add a webhook with nodejs code the composer hangs saying “saving” and I cannot finalize the step.

Hi @CarloBernasconi

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

Are you seeing this issue when you’re attempting to test your http Node.js code step?

If so, can you try adding another Node.js code step to your workflow and see if this problem happens to that step as well?

Thank you for your welcome and sorry if I do not made a full presentation of myself.


I do not have any problem with othe Node.js code I used Node.js and the Google API without issue.

It only appens (so far) with the http request.


Carlo Bernasconi

Hi Carlo,

Not a problem! Thanks for the extra details. Have you tried copying your Node.js code step making the HTTP request into a new Node.js code step and seeing if the problem persists?