Update on Pipedream not picking up missed tasks after schedule change to 6 hours?

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Hello. I am looking for an update on the issue of Pipedream not picking up missed tasks after the schedule has been changed from 15 minutes to every 6 hours. This issue is rapidly becoming urgent for us, and assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Missed Notification for Failed Snowflake Task in Pipedream: How to Troubleshoot?

I see this ticket with the details from your previous conversation, and I’m checking w/ the team to learn about what’s happening with it.

Thank you

@UMT4G7E5P Is there are any updates for us? It is very unfortunate as product is not working for us until this issues is resolved.

The work is in progress. I’m sorry it’s not working for you, we’re moving as fast as we can — I just checked in with our dev yesterday and he’s wrapping it up

Thank you for the update

We have a number of other requests from Business / Enterprise customers we have to prioritize — we have limited resources

I understand. Thank you

We just published a new version of the failed task source. Could you try re-creating the source from scratch? Let me know if that works better now. CC @U02GNNVAGS0 in case you see more issues - we can look into it more

Apologies, Cassiano informed me he’s still working on this one and updated the source for a related reason. Please hold on updating, but Cassiano can chime in here when the bug is addressed

It is gonna be my priority right now. I will keep you updated here

Thank you so much

Hey . Do we have an opened ticket? I think I solved, just need to pass to QA

You can find PR here: [Sources] Fix Snowflake Failed Task by vellames · Pull Request #6410 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub

PR was merged @UMT4G7E5P

I will test. Thanks

Do I need to do anything within Pipedream workspace to test the fix?

You need to update the action in your workflow


In the right top of your step you gonna see a update button