Unwanted duplicate Google Sheet records being created


I have a workflow that’s been functioning perfectly for quite some time, but the last two days it’s been creating duplicate Google Sheet rows in my Google Sheet. I’m not sure where to begin looking for what the issue might be. No workflows were edited when this problem started happening. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

Hi @wwc-776 , thanks for reaching out. Can you identify the events in your Pipedream workflow that led to the duplicate rows in the inspector on the left?

If you see two events that correspond 1:1 to each of the duplicate rows, it’s possible the source system is producing duplicate events under certain conditions, triggering your workflow twice with the same input. Does that appear to be the case?

Hi Dylan, thanks for the quick response. I’m not sure what exactly was wrong with the workflows, but I deleted them and put them back together and they’re working again :+1:. I’ll update this thread if any duplicates show up. Thanks again for your time and help. It’s always very much appreciated.

All the best,