Unexpected response from a web hook

I am using pipedream to gather webhooks from SendInBlue. The gathering of data into pipedream is working. I am building a script to then gather the data using the pipedream API. That is also working. However, I am seeing some unexpected data like this:

“event” :
“body” :
“message” : “May the force be with you.”

I have asked SendInBlue if they can tell me where this data is coming from. They have replied: “This does not look like something that would be sent through our platform.” Can you shed any light on where this might be coming from?


@parellifoundation100 we use Star Wars examples frequently throughout our quickstart / docs. Is it possible you sent one of those requests while testing?

Thanks so much for the help on this. I’m not sure what I might have done that created this record. However, if I know that the data comes from you and it is predictable that it would contain a “message”, I can write my script to ignore such records. Does this make sense? And, would there be any other records that might show up that would be of this general type and I might need to ignore?


Theoretically you only should receive the traffic you expect if you’ve only added this to a place like Sendinblue webhook configurations. In general it is a best practice to validate that the data you’re processing match the expected shape. I’d do it the opposite way and check for the presence of properties in the HTTP payload that you know come from Sendinblue webhooks.

I remember we also discussed a way to only emit events when you received a request from the Sendinblue IP range, which is their recommended way to validate the event originates from them: Question about Pipedream - considering using Pipedream - #4 by dylburger .

Thanks so much for the helpful reply. Good suggestion about testing for what I expect rather than trying to eliminate things I don’t expect. Also, thanks for the reminder about limiting to the SendInBlue IP address range. This is a long term project for me and I had forgotten about that. Should be able to take it from here. Much appreciated.

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