Unable to parse range, invalid argument, google sheets

i am trying to receive a message via webhook and put the contents of it in a google sheet.
However i get a unable to parse error.
Does this have something to do with the array in aray format that i have wrong or a variable that is not in the right format?
My goal is to have several items but for now for the simplicity i try first with one.
i want the google sheets to populate and update the A2 Cell with the message from the webhook, in this case “crossing line”

Maybe google sheets needs a value formatted as an explicit range. Have you tried pipedream_webhook!A2:A2?

i did some more searching and lots of people seem to have similar issues with collumns and google sheets api.
I tried now parsing 3 variables: {“text”: [“a”, “b”, “c”]} in json format.
using Sheet1!A1:C3 got rid of the error! I have content now in the sheet.

but the values are now placed as such:
“a” in cell A1, “b” in cell B1 and “c” in C3
But i want the data to appear in a single collumn in cells A1,A2 and A3
i will post that in another post since its off topic of the title of this post.
using Sheet1!A1:A3 i got a error that it wants to write to B collumn