UI Bug in Workflow: Running Status Persists Despite Completion or Error?

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I noticed a few time some UI bug in the workflow where the workflow keep on showing its running even though it has ended / error out. I can’t remove it either as it will just come back when I refresh the page.

I think this is the same UI bug as Slack

Hi , thanks for raising this. Would you mind enable Pipedream support to access your workflow in your workflow settings, and share your workflow url here?

Hi I have shared it to support and the workflow is this https://pipedream.com/@tmog/cu-rhm-services-p_JZCYDdZ/inspect

Thanks , I have created a new bug here to track it. The Pipedream team will take a look at it soon.

In the mean time, may I ask if this issue blocking you in anyway?

Thanks currently no as this is the tail end of the workflow. If anything we would re-trigger it again.