Twitter API 429 Errors


I have a source getting a single users tweets, and then pushing them to Pushover. However, frequently I get a 429 Too Many Requests error from Twitter. I am only making the request every 20mins so I thought it would be outside of the 15min window? Is there anything I can do to fix this?


@rsto Thanks for reaching out. Are you seeing the 429 errors in your event source logs, or a workflow triggered from the source?

Would you mind sending the source ID or workflow ID to so I can take a look?

Thanks Dylan, it is happening on the source logs, I have emailed the support address

@rsto Thanks for sharing. Our app uses OAuth 1.0, and Twitter rate limits for OAuth 1 apps apply to individual users, not the Pipedream app as a whole. See the Rate limits and authentication method section of this doc.

They go on to say:

Users’ rate limits are shared across all apps that they have authorized and the Twitter application. For example, if a specific user likes 20 Tweets on the Twitter mobile application and likes 20 Tweets on a third-party application within a 24 hour period of time, the 40 requests would pull out of the same per user rate limit bucket.

Are you using any other applications that could be hitting Twitter’s user timeline API?

I did check that a couple of days ago and removed one other app that was using this Twitter ID, however this is the only app i have connected now. I do not use Twitter on any other devices or even have the app.
I created a new Twitter account with only Pipedream so we will see what happens there.