Trying to understand Invocation Count

Hi Everyone - This is my first post here so excuse me if I got the wrong category. I have a billing related question whre I am trying to understand Invocation Count in Pipedream.

I have a source defined as Mailchimp-Webhook-Call and then I have workflows running on that source called OS-Incoming-Subscribe

If you look at the screenshot shared, these are both getting counted in the invocation. This is actually one workflow where I have a source and then when an event comes through that source then I am running a workflow.

Is that how pipedream works? or am I doing something incorrectly resulting in double counting.


Hi @osdotme , when you use an app-based event source like the Mailchimp Webhook source you’re using now, Pipedream will count two invocations: one for the source, and another for the workflow.

Event sources run as their own resources, separate from the workflow. You may have seen that you can trigger multiple workflows with a single source, or access source events via API. Since they run as separate resources, we count an invocation each time they run.

Other sources don’t support webhooks, so we have to poll for new events from the target API. In that case, you can set the polling frequency. e.g. if you ran the source once an hour, it would poll for new events, emit them, and charge 24 invocations per day (one per hour), even if no events came in. One invocation = one run of the source.

Let me know if that helps.

HI @dylburger - Thanks for the response. That definitely helps. I was curious since I was expecting my invocations to match the number of times webhook was called but it seems like it would be double of that. Which is fine, I just wasn’t clear if we made a mistake in the way we were using PipeDream.

Appreciate your help.