Trying to replace certain key pairs with a space when not available to avoid errors

I have a couple company cam webhooks that pull when a label is added to a project or when a tag is added to a picture.
some of my company cam projects have a primary contact while others don’t.
I pull data when tags or labels are added and would like to capture the primary contact when available (as it helps out to dump it into my google sheet that is used by our service department)
the workflow works great when the project contains a primary contact but I need to be able to insert a blank name, email and phone number when not available so that the insert new row into google sheets doesn’t error out (due to being mapped to a null value)
I have read several help files and believe I am very close. pictures attached.

the first part would get me up and running however so add the second phase I need to be able to figure out separate workflows based upon the value of the tag for example if a photo tag or a project label comes back as “John Repair” then i’ll have a workflow where the details get added to a google sheet tracking John’s repairs if not then into a general worksheet