Trello trigger: New member added to card does not actually check who the new member is

According to the description of “New member on card (instant)” it should “Emit new event for each card joined by the authenticated Trello user.” In reality, workflows triggered this way are triggered anytime a new member is assigned to a card within the chosen board.

This can be worked around by adding a filter, which checks for the last member id in steps.trigger.event.membersId, but that requires the hardcoding of the authenticated member id, since the (authenticated member) id is not returned with the trigger metadata.

Even with the work-around, however, the workflow trigger log quickly becomes cluttered with dummy calls, which cut off immediately within their first step. I think we should add a check for the member ID within the trigger as per the description.

Hi @veshtitsa

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

You can report bug reports on actions and triggers here in our public Pipedream Github Repository:

A Pipedream team developer or community member will investigate and make a new version to attempt to fix it if they can reproduce the bug.

All Pipedream triggers and actions are open source, so you can also contribute your own fix if you’d like.

Learn about how to develop new and modify existing components here: Overview

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Hi pierce!

Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. I’ve now created a github issue. I actually looked through the repository before writing here, so I already have an idea on how one can fix the bug - I’m planning on getting around to it on the weekend, if no one gets to the issue first.

Thanks again!

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