Todoist API outdated

Getting the following request when I try to use the Todoist create_task function:

<title>410 Gone</title>
<p>This API endpoint is no longer available. Please refer to our documentation to upgrade your client to use the latest API version:</p>

Any chance we might be able to update the Todoist API endpoint?

Hi @nkav

Thanks for reporting this, we’ve since updated our integration with the newest Todoist API host URL (

Could you test your action again?

Hi Pierce, sadly on retry I’m still getting the 410 error…

I believe only the integration was updated, and not the corresponding actions and triggers.

I suspect this line in particular needs updating: pipedream/ at 22dfa6914cdd3545fcae12913a42428d20adf9ea · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub

Our team is working on a fix, you can follow it here: [ACTION] Update Todoist API from v1 --> v2 · Issue #4888 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub

OK gotcha, thanks so much for letting me know Pierce! Looking forward to the fix…