Timeout Error for 30-min Audio Recording Upload to Google Drive: Solutions?

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Hello all, I keep getting a timeout error when an audio recording is added to a google drive folder. I’ve set the timeout to 300 but it still won’t take it. The recording is about 30 min long and is 16.5 mb. Any thoughts?

It is likely that for an audio file that long, workflows will timeout.

i’m unsure if you reachh out to support@pipedream dot com when looking at your particular use case, they’ll want to increase the workflow timing out. it is my understanding that in certain scenarios they might increase your execution quota, time out limits and so on.

now as a software developer, perhaps this is case for the “divide and conquer” approach: split the audio files in such a way that the workflow won’t time out, and then join them up, you’ll probably have to temporarily storage the smaller pieces, and delete them. you’ll have to orchestrate several workflows. depending on the audio format, joining two audio files could be a simple concatenation (meaning simple computing needed, no time out incurring).

i don’t have at hand the npm libraries you’ll need for this in node.js/Pipedream, , but as a software developer i’ve definetely joined and split audio files in the past

my two cents