Testing the Forked branch from Github

Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie to Pipedream, I am looking for a way to make some Action and Source Components that Pipedream doesn’t support yet.

What I found from the document is that:

  1. We need to request a new App from the Github
    1.1. Pipedream will provide the OAuth process for the App, from the provided developer documentation in the Github request.
  2. After the App is added to the repository, we can Fork it and develop some Action and Source Components then make a Pull Request to publish it.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Also, I have some questions about developing Action and Source:

  1. Can we change the code of app.mjs (say agile_crm.app.mjs)?
  2. Is there a document about propDefinitions inside app.mjs?
  3. How can I test those methods added to app.mjs?
  4. How can I test the Actions and Sources that I created?
  5. Because our integration is in development, is there a testing environment for testing the developing component?


Hi @davidchan,

Your understanding of the process is mostly correct. To develop Action and Source components that Pipedream doesn’t support yet, you can fork the Pipedream repository and create your components. Once you’re done, you can submit a pull request to have them reviewed and potentially published.To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, you can change the code of app.mjs (e.g., agile_crm.app.mjs) when developing your components.
  2. There isn’t a specific document about propDefinitions inside app.mjs, but you can refer to the Pipedream component API documentation: Component API Reference
  3. To test methods added to app.mjs, you can use the Pipedream CLI in development mode. Use the pd dev command to deploy a local file, attach it to a component, and automatically update the component on each local save. More details can be found here: Component API Reference
  4. To test the Actions and Sources you created, you can use the Pipedream CLI or the Pipedream UI. The same pd dev command mentioned earlier can be used for testing your components during development.
  5. The testing environment for developing components is provided by the Pipedream CLI in development mode, as mentioned in point 3.If you need more assistance, feel free to visit https://pipedream.com/support for more support options.

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