Take the response from target website

I want to take the response from my api target website (endpoint) after I call the api via pipedream.
is that possible?


Hi @aref30000

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

It sounds like you’re trying to call an API using a Pipedream workflow.

You can use the HTTP request builder action to perform an HTTP request to an API, or you can use Node.js or Python.

Here’s a Node.js example of sending a GET request: Make HTTP Requests with Node.js

The response will be available in the data variable. Hope this helps!

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my project is laravel, I using HTTP client for calling this api, some api is POST and some other is GET, can I get both method response ?

Yes, regardless of HTTP method you can view the returned data from your API in the calling Pipedream workflow step.

However, you’ll need a separate step for each different HTTP endpoint or method.

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