Step.trigger > step.send_message (YouTube Video To Discord Channel) Channel ID's not working


Since YouTube introduced the new user ID, has anything changed in how the channel ID
is used in Edit Code and Configuration?

I can’t seem to get any of the workflows to connect to the pre-selected YouTube channels.
It seems the Channel ID under “edit code and configuration” I noticed if I updated the
channel ID, and click Update Props, it can’t find any resource from the YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel is still active but the channel ID gets replaced with the new @userID

Hello @EMar, Pipedream uses Youtube Data API v3. Maybe this section in this doc can help you to find the Channel ID?

I dunno,

I found the channel id and the page displays,
I add the channel id in Channel ID The ID of the channel to search for new videos in.
When I click Update Props, I get Resource not found.

Hi @EMar, would you mind sharing the screenshot of your error?

I’ve tried with Youtube Data API app and can create the source successfully

Since they changed from channel ID to @username I can’t get these triggers working.
Testing with this channel

Thank you for your information @EMar! I apologize for the late response.

Hello @MichelleBergeron, as you are familiar with this Youtube Data API - New Videos source, could you help to advice how to solve this?

Thank you :pray:

@EMar Does it work when you deploy the source with the correct Channel ID?

The source keeps track of the latest date a video in the channel was published, so if you change the Channel ID after the source has already been deployed, you’re likely to get unexpected results.

Many of Pipedream’s sources work this way, which is why it’s always best to deploy the sources with the correct configuration.

Hmm… I had like 8 workflows,
They all did the same thing, but to different youtube channels.
I now have to use a tool or look i nthe source code for the channel ID’s
As youtube changed channel ID’s to @username

All the workflows stopped around the same time last year.

I think I might delete them all and try rebuild them one by one.