Sporadic Gateway Error Unrelated to Code: Any Ideas?

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I seem to be getting an error sporadically relating to a gateway issue - which doesn’t “seem to” relate to anything in my code - any ideas?


In order to reproduce your issue, could you share more detail about your code step?

is the error I’m seeing

I have some node js running obtaining and manipulating data inbound from Shopify and then outbound it should get sent onto another platform

the gateway error is happening prior to an expected console log being triggered

so it’s not coming from the outbound call

and at no point do I reference anything gateway so assume that’s within pipedream…

Have you tried performing a try…catch to see the specific error shape?

Also, are you using a NPM package to interact with the Shopify API? There might be an issue with the underlying package.

don’t believe it’s to do with the Shopify interactions - seems to happen further down the process - I assume it’s something to do with certain data not being present - I’ll try try/catch … thanks

figured it out :face_palm: - my issue, cheers for the pointer