Sources eat up credit

It seems when you try out a trigger step but decide to delete the actual workflow (or at least the workflow step), the trigger step stays within Source and will continue eat up your credit… This seems very strange. So there is no way to “save” a step without it eating up your credit. In my mind only steps that are part of a running workflow (meaning deployed?) should really accrue costs.

Also why doesnt it clearly show how much a certain step costs (on the step itself and not in some settings menu…)?

Hi @domdewom, you’ll need to delete or stop the source if you do not use it. Sorry if this is confusing for you :pray:

Pipedream charges one credit per 30 seconds of compute time at 256 megabytes of memory (the default) per workflow execution. This is calculated for all of your workflow steps. Currently, there’s no data on how much credit per your step, though after ypu have deployed your workflow, you should see th time it takes for the step to complete, from that you can measure percentage of credit charge in your workflow

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Thanks for the explanation.

Honestly I think it’s rather confusing that a source that is not being used by anything can incur costs… I dont fully understand why that would make sense. To me only workflows or even more specific deployed workflows should incur cost. But maybe I am missing something here.

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I think I’m experiencing the same thing as @domdewom, because it appears that my usage increments by 1 every time I create a new task (e.g. using clickup). But I expect my source action to NOT use a credit because no event is emitted.

I came across this verbiage in the docs and I think I’ve got it sorted:

When a source is configured as a workflow trigger, the core value is in the workflow. We don’t want to charge you two credits (one to run the source, one to run the workflow) when the workflow contains the core logic. Sources that trigger workflows are called “dependent” sources.

On the other hand, sources that don’t trigger workflows are “independent”, since they run independently. Pipedream charges credits for all indepedent source executions.

But I have not found a way to make my sources “dependent” despite creating them from scratch.

Anybody have a thought on how I can prevent sources that DO NOT trigger an event from eating a credit (my source will constantly fire events and most of them won’t be relevant). Thank you!

Hey, did you manage to figure this out? I’m having the same problem as you