Source: Reset emitted events or manually trigger a workflow that is triggered by a source


I’ve created a source that triggers a workflow and it works well.

Is it possible to reset the emitted events from the source or to manually trigger the workflows?
The reason I ask is that when I upload the source, the source makes a request to the external API before the workflow is created. This means that any events emitted by the source, before the workflow is created, does not trigger the workflow.


Hi @lharney ,

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

I was having this same issue myself with a custom component, I ended up creating a prop that would allow the source to paginate backwards into the history up to a certain time so I could cover missed events.

I made an issue on our public tracker, does this describe the issue well enough or would you like to add more?

Hi @pierce,

Thanks for the response.

I understand creating a prop in the source with a record type id and then paginate backwards.

Would I not be left with the same issue that the emitted records still have the same ID. Hence, they will not trigger a workflow because the events with that id have already been emitted?


Hi @lharney ,

I’m sorry I’m not quite following that last sentence, could you perhaps share a step by step account of the problem?

The other solution I can think of is to add an additional trigger to the workflow to accept an HTTP webhook, and still dedupe events from within the $.service.db at the workflow level.

The workflow would receive events from both the forward and backward facing sources, but would dedupe based on the event ID.