Slack Interactive Triggers Not Working in Workflows Since Afternoon, Any Solutions?

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Hi, Slack interactive triggers not work since this afternoon in my workflows, it works well on this morning. My credits remains yet. Triggers are not fired when clicked the button in slack.

Hi , would you mind checking if your source have any error by:

  1. Accessing Pipedream Source Page,
  2. Select your Slack interactive source,
  3. Then switch to Log tab
    You can share the screenshot of your Source Log tab here if possible

There’s no error message in log. Only success logs are there.

No log writing although click the slack button.

It seems slack button cannot call pipedream function. I tested with new workflow(whole new settings). It also not call trigger.

May I ask have you changed anything on Slack or Pipedream during that time?

I replaced node code step

“Triggers” are not fired meaning you did not receive new events in your Slack new interaction trigger right?

May I confirm that you have not changed the Channels or Action IDs config in your Slack Interaction source?

Right. I click the button in slack and no signal on pipedream

I even tested no action_id and channel.

Could you try to create a new Slack Interaction source to see if it works?

I tried on my side and do not see new event either.

Could you try to create a new Slack Interaction source to see if it works?
I just want to confirm with your setup before I submit a ticket for it

I tested with new trigger and set no action ID and channels. And it keep waiting for events.

You mean it fails on your side?


if you know how to create the button on your side, would you mind help me to submit a bug ticket here and stating steps to reproduce it? I’m not sure my steps to reproduce using Block Kit is valid or not

I have created a ticket here to track it: [BUG] Slack New Interaction Events - does not emitting event · Issue #6511 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub

I suspect that this might be a system issue from Slack, though let Pipedream component dev check it to be sure

Sure I’ll share my settings. But some times later