Should Pipedream Offer a "Random" Component with Various Randomization Actions?

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It could be useful for Pipedream to offer a “Random” component with actions like:
• Random number/integer between X & Y
• Random number/float between X & Y
◦ Maybe these two could be the same action via an optional Decimal Places prop
• Random string of X length
Solution: Random Integer from the Helper Functions component

I never realized that this posed a challenge for novice users. :sweat_smile:

There is a Random Integer action within the Helper Functions app in Pipedream.

This action will generate a random integer between 1 and 1000, but you can configure it for narrower or wider band.

Here’s a quick link to the action:

There’s also another that will randomly select an item from an array:

Ah, I didn’t find it because I searched in Apps:


But if I search in actions, it is there: :man-facepalming:

It might be a good idea to offer a consolidated search at some point.

Or maybe something like this:


Yes exactly. We know this is a pain point, when you want to search all actions but the search is actually only showing apps

I think there might be an open GH issue about it, let me check