Setting up Twitter filtered stream API as an event source

Hey there,

I’m trying to add the filtered stream API from twitter.

However, I’m not able to do so (i’m not a coder and just getting started with Pipedream). It would be awesome if someone could help me to set this up!

I want to get an INSTANT notification via webhook when a new tweet (from certain users) comes in so it would be great if I can use the filtered stream API.

Currently the best solution I have is to make a list on twitter with all the accounts that i would like to track and scan this list every second with Pipedream (normal twitter API). In practice this ends up being around every 10 seconds or so.

To implement the filtered stream API, I have found a bunch of code but I don’t even know how to create a trigger event for the filtered stream. Up to now I can only find a node.js step with a twitter developer account (which I have), but this still needs to be preceded by some sort of trigger.

Looking forward to any help I can get!

Some of the relevant information sources:

Hi @delfosbram - welcome to the community! Pipedream does not currently support event sources that use Twitter’s streaming API, but I created an issue that you can +1 and follow.

Pipedream is an event-based platform which means that sources and workflows run when something happens – e.g., on a webhook event or schedule. While Twitter’s streaming API allows you to listen for Tweets in real-time, the code must always be running (e.g., on a server) in order to do that (and Pipedream does not currently support that model).

For now, my recommendation would be to continue with your current approach (i.e., frequent polling). The alternative is to set up a server external to Pipedream that listens to the real-time Twitter stream and emits matching events to your workflows.

Hey Pravin!

Thanks for your answer. I will proceed with my current approach and evaluate the other option in parallel.

Hopefully the ‘issue’ you created will lead to an implementation!