Setting up complex interval triggers


is there a way to set up such a complex interval trigger when I want to trigger my workflow in every 15 mins (or whatever), but only from say 9 am - 5 pm in a given timezone ?
Or the same but only on workdays?

Thank you!

Hi @vanetreg

You can use the CRON expression option to create complex timings.

I like to use to generate the actual CRON syntax, then paste it into my Timer source.

However, please note that extended CRON expressions are not supported yet but you can follow the issue here for real time updates:

Hi @pierce

I see but I think listing values ( 200+) or ranges of values in cron job is one of my latest option :slight_smile:
Setting up this way eg. triggers triggered on workdays and in working hours is a pain… I think.
I think a filter in / or before the trigger could do the job, either with UI or a Node code step …

I think I post it also in the feature request section since I think it’s as important as the new Filter and Delay features.

Thank you