Salesforce New Object Record Error

Hi all,

I created a SFDC trigger for every time a new record of an object is created.

However, I am getting an error independent of which object I chose (see picture). Any idea what’s happening?

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Hi @nicolas.ochmann,

First off, welcome to Pipedream! Happy to have you!

Could you do me a favor to expand the error here


Thanks a lot for the quick answer. Your product is amazing. Got introduced last week and absolutely love it.

I noticed this error actually not only occurs on new records but also on new updated record fields. I created triggers last week, they still work, but even if I 1-1 copy exactly the trigger from last week, today I am getting this error.

Here is the expanded view:

Many thanks again!

It also seems like only some objects show this issue. I have it e.g. with opportunity and note, but not with account.

Thanks for the additional information @nicolas.ochmann. In the mean time, could you use the Polling version of the source instead?

Hi @andrewcturing, when you are available, could you check this case?

Hi @nicolas.ochmann, thank you for providing the error info. This is a known issue with Salesforce Webhook Sources, we are tracking it here. You can subscribe to it to get notified on updates!
As Leo mentioned, the Polling Sources do work well for now