RSS to Webhook (Guilded)

Hi Everyone!

I am using Guilded, similar to Discord, and am trying to send an RSS feed to a Webhook in Guilded. I enter in all the information and parameters, but when I run the workflow I get a 400 Error saying:

  "code": "BadRequestError",
  "message": "must provide either content or embeds to create webhook message"

Any help is appreciated!


Hi @exaltedguard , does Guilded have developer documentation on the API endpoint you’re trying to use? A 400 error indicates that something about the request you’re making is malformed. In this case, it looks like they’re expecting a content or embeds parameter to be passed with your request, and what you’re passing doesn’t provide that.

Feel free to click the Share button in the top-right of your workflow and share it with, and please share any documentation on the Guilded endpoint, and I’m happy to help you QA. You can also take a look at our guide on making HTTP requests in Pipedream, if that helps you map the Guilded documentation to the HTTP request within your workflow.

Hi @dylburger !

Here is the link to the Guilded API: . They use a lot of the same API as Discord does.

I also shared the workflow with you, I have manipulated it many times so there are a lot of revisions. I was able to get it to send a message to Guilded via a Webhook using only {{event}} , but when I started adding other things is when it started looking for embeds.

Thanks for the help!

Great, thanks. Do you mind if I make a small modification and replay a previous event to see if I can get it working?

Not a problem at all! Do whatever you think is needed to help me out. :slight_smile:

It looks like the most recent request succeeded. Take a look at how I moved the payload to and return it from that step, referencing$return_value in the Data param of the HTTP request.

The way you were passing the data originally would have worked, but it was slightly malformed based on the format Guilded expects (you were passing the footer in its own object instead of as a property under the first embed object). I find this format — where the payload is managed in its own step, as a JavaScript object — easier to work with, since you can spot errors like this more easily. The JavaScript object returned from this step will be passed to Guilded as JSON when you send it in the HTTP request like this.

Let me know if that makes sense!

Ah yes, I see what you did there and it did come through to the Guilded Webhook. Also, if I want to add fields I just need to add them to the Node.JS piece in the correct location and formatting?

Thanks again!

any change youd be willing to share your workflow minus the web hook? im kinda stuck in a similar area and would def help to figure out where im going wrong