Rss feed to twitter workflow

Hello to Everyone,
I created a workflow to publish on my twitter account the content of rss feed items. All seems ok, but the url that each rss feed item include is published as text and not as working link.
i used {{}} to publish the url
Thanks in advance for any suggestion

Hi @albopop.patti,

Hello! It seems like you’re using the correct variable {{}} to publish the URL from the RSS feed item. Twitter should automatically convert the URL to a clickable link when you post the tweet. If it’s not working as expected, please double-check if the URL in the RSS feed item is a valid URL.

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You can see 3 tweets in the attached screenshot, each of them with a well formatted URL, but it is text, not a clickable link

Hi @albopop.patti,

First off, welcome to Pipedream!

Twitter automatically shorten your url passed in using their service, following this, your URL must be a valid URL by Twitter definition, you will need to change your url. Please read through the Twitter document on how they treat URL as valid URL.

For me, I have created a tweet with and it is created correctly

Thanks for your welcome and your suggestion @vunguyenhung

I had already read the post you suggest but (maybe for my fault) I didn’t find anything about how the url has to be well formatted and I can’t understand what is wrong on my urls.

Anyway before I passed to pipedream my rss feeds on twitter were managed by IFTTT and in the following screenshot you can see the last tweet managed by IFTTT and the first published via Pipedream (as you can see using IFTTT the link was shortened and working).

Moreover the same rss feeds are currently published on a Facebook page and on a Telegram channel and there are no problem.

Here on Facebook

and here the same on Telegram

Hi @albopop.patti,

I see that the link starts with is not really a safe link. IFTTT works because they have shorted the link for you before sending it to twitter, so they passed the twittercheck

I would recommend you to get a domain and make your site become HTTPS. Then it is most likely to work with Twitter

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Thanks again @vunguyenhung for your remarks and suggestions.

Unfortunately I can’t change the structure of url (nor change the ip adrress into a domain, it is not depending on me), anyway your remarks have been very useful, so I have been working to shorten the url coming from the rss feed, using TinyURL, before passing it to Twitter. Now all is working and the problem fixed as you can see looking at this screenshot :wave: :wink:

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