Rewrite a Pre-Built Code Step in Coda in Node.js

I want to perform a search query in Coda using a pre-built code step ‘Find Row’. There are times that I need to perform this step multiple times depending on the information processed. I stumbled on this link about loops in workflows that it is currently a limitation in Pipedream.

Is there any way I can manually write the implementation of this so I can perform the necessary looping without using a lot of credits?

Hello @alyssagono,

Yes you can use Node.js code step to refer to the Coda authentication, then you can use Coda API, or optionally import Pipedream’s coda package and reusing the action. For example, the code below use the Coda app to get the Auth token, and import the Pipedream coda package

// To access auth tokens in the run() function define an app prop
import coda from "@pipedream/coda"

export default defineComponent({
  props: {
    coda: {
      type: "app",
      app: "coda",
  async run({ steps, $ }) {
   console.log('this.coda', this.coda)
   console.log('coda package', coda)