Recommend a feature in the 'Add a step' apps listing

As I dig and continue learning Pipedream I find more exists ‘out there’ to help meet objectives.

Recommendation: it would be very helpful if all organic Pipedream helper apps were grouped together and/or named in such a way that they appear together when found.

Examples include: ‘Filter’, ‘Format’, ‘Delay’, ‘Data Stores’ and ‘Helper Functions’.

By grouping them together a novice might more quickly discover and dig into features they might otherwise not even know to seek out. Then, as more utility apps are developed and deployed, grouping/naming them together dramatically enhances their findability.

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Hi @micklebt,

First off, welcome to Pipedream! Happy to have you!

I understand that you want to explore all builtin actions in Pipedream. For novice user, I think the best way to help is for you ask questions in Pipedream Users Slack > #help channel. There we’ll be able to guide you to the specific solution that you might need.