Reaction Added (Instant) triggered twice instead of once (Discord)

In my workflow I use the Discord trigger (Reaction Added) to initiate my workflow. Whenever a reaction is added however, it receives two exact replica inputs and therefore triggers the workflow twice at the same time. Not only is this annoying for the workflow, it also eats away at the daily invocations. No idea why it is being triggered twice when only one reaction is added. - the timestamps clearly show it’s the same reaction and the data confirms this when checked.

Hi @marcelrendify

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

Thanks for making a bug report, I’ve added it to our public tracker here for a developer to reproduce the bug and triage:

If there are any more steps to reproduce the bug it would be very helpful for our developer team to fix it more quickly for you.

Hi, thanks for the welcoming and the quick reply. I see that the bug should be fixed already? There’s no way for me to check if it’s fixed though, because the bug ate all my invocations for the day.

Hi @marcelrendify

Yes, it turns out a bug fix was just merged, so now’s a good time to validate that’s the case.

I’ve just tripled your amount of daily invocations as a thanks, are you able to use the product again now?

You’ll need to delete your Discord source in the Sources section of your dashboard, then you can recreate it to receive this newest code update.

Thank you so much, I have followed your instructions and I can confirm that it indeed works as intended now. I really appreciate the quick response and help!

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Great! I’ll let the developer know. Thanks for double checking that.