Re: CommerceLayer Integration Request

If someone from your team can reach out to CommerceLayer, that would be great. They are already preparing an integration with Zapier for their platform, but Pipedream is such a better option for them for many reasons. Plus who still uses Zapier, after trying Pipedream? :0) You can see a recent implementation they are demonstrating at: How to Send Templated Order Emails with Commerce Layer (Zapier info is down at the bottom). Thanks.

Hi @osseonews ,

You can request new integrations for Pipedream here: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

We’re always happy to integrate with more apps to help you build workflows.

If you could contact CommerceLayer and CC us at, we can help facilitate the integration.

FYI @osseonews we started a conversation with Commerce Layer to get an integration kicked off but if you have any contacts there that you can reach out to to ask them to prioritize, that’d be great! Feel free to cc integrations @ if so.