Raw Request Body not accepted

Hi, I am setting up an integration from HubSpot to GoFollow (CRM) via Pipedream. Upon a HubSpot form submit (trigger) I send an HTTP post request to GoFollow. On the GoFollow side, this request is not accepted with error “no form data found; expecting ‘rawrequest’”.

This is the HTTP request.body.raw (according to Pipedream Results Inputs):
{ “q4_bedrijfsnaam”:“Better Call Birdman”, “q11_naam11”:{ “first”: “Martin”, “middle”:“”, “last”:“Voorzanger”}, “q14_functie”:“”, “q5_email5”: “REMOVED HERE”, “q16_telefoonnummer”:“REMOVED HERE”, “q17_kvknummer”: “84948396”, “q22_bedrijfsnaamKlant”: “Better Call Birdman”, “q21_kvknummerKlant”:“84948396”, “q39_typeA39”:[“Ik geef toestemming aan Atradius om mijn persoonlijke gegevens op te slaan en te verwerken.*”], “q32_utm_source”:“”, “q34_utm_medium”:“”, “q33_utm_campaign”:“”, “q38_typeA38”:“kredietwaardigheidscheck”,“q25_nieuws”:“” }

What might be the issue here?

Hi @birdman

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

It sounds like perhaps GoFollow is expecting a specific Content-Type header?

That kind of error means that the format of your request might not match what the API is expecting.