Rate Limiting Options to Protect Trigger URL from random calls and user abuse

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Hello all, Is there a way to rate limit random calls to our trigger URL. Each one of them is charging us 1 invocations and 90% during last few days were filtered to be irrelevant. Beside filter is there a way to protect workflow from user abuse?

Hi Hassan, that sounds frustrating.

It sounds like you might be on a Professional plan, but that will soon be upgraded to a workspace plan.

With workspaces, invocations are now credits and a big upgrade is that sources now have the first credit free.

This means you can create a custom HTTP interface source that only emits events to your workflows if certain criteria are met.

So you could potentially ignore HTTP requests based on user agent, CIDR block, etc.

Let me check which plan we are on. Also If you can guide how to ignore requests based on User Agent?
Actually ours are originating from the same user agent but we have a filter condition (which chatbot messages to process thru Pipedream)
But since all hooks come to pipedream it’s very hard to reduce invocations.