Python OAuth Bearer Token?

The procore template for node refers to the oauth token with this.
‘Bearer ${this.procore.$auth.oauth_access_token}’

Does the python interpreter have a variable like this?

Hi @mzarandi

We don’t have support for managing auth with Python components yet.

But as a workaround you can export the current auth token from your Node.js step, and consume it with the Python step.

// in your Procore Node.js code step:
return this.procore.$auth.oauth_access_token
from pipedream.script_helpers import (steps, export)

# Reference data from previous steps
access_token = steps["procore"]["$return_value"]
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mm nice, i’m just going to have to have 2 steps with node.js in front. Are there release notes for the Python Alpha, i just want to know what my other restrictions might be?

Hi @mzarandi

Sorry for the hassle, glad you can at least work around it.

You can keep checking in on our Python documentation here: Python

We send weekly emails & annoucements in our Slack workspace on new product releases, which deeper Python support will definitely be included.