Pull Request for GitHub Issue #3877

I submitted a pull request for GitHub Issue #3877.

Hi @ljdatasci

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

I have moved your card from Doing to the Ready for QA column, a Pipedream QA engineer will start reviewing your submission.

They’ll leave feedback on your PR submission, I’ve also linked the Github issue to your PR so they’ll be able to find it specifically.

Thanks again for submitting a PR to the public registry. How was the component development experience for you? Were you able to find all of the pieces you needed to build it?

Hi pierce,

I was able to find the components quickly and add them to my test workflow. I think that when developers start working on pull requests and need to run test workflows, some extra daily invocations could be added to the developer account so the daily limit is not exceeded.

Hi @ljdatasci

Of course! I’ve just tripled your daily invocation quota on your account, and happy to add more if you decide to contribute more components to our registry.

We haven’t formalized contribution incentives like extra invocations, but we’d be happy to give you more perks if you would like to contribute bug fixes, new actions or sources, etc.