Prop results in path failed validation error

Using the Notion modules, If I use a prop as my page ID it results in an error. If I copy the actual value of the prop it works. The error implies the prop is passed literally. What am I doing wrong?

path failed validation: path.page_id should be a valid uuid, instead was "{{}}".

This is where I’ve selected the prop.

Hi @mottlement

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That is very odd, based on your example above it looks like it should be injecting the Page ID by reference, and not literally {{ }}.

Can you share which Notion action you’re using that has this problem? It might be a bug in the action itself.

I’m using Update Page.
Now I wonder Update Page and Update Database Page are different things.
My source ID is a blank page from a Notion Database.

Below image is the erroring action

This is my trigger source (I can only put one image in each post…)

Hi @mottlement good question - have you tried using the Update Database Page action? Curious if that has a subtle difference.

Hello @mottlement,

We have created a Github issue to track this bug [BUG] Notion Update Page action shows error when set Page ID as expression · Issue #3227 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub and we have added it into our backlog! We will updates the Github issues as progress are made, you can subscribe to it for latest updates!

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The issue linked, #3227 was closed by PR #3262. But it doesn’t actually resolve the issue, it just fails more gracefully.
This is what it looks like when I use the ‘Update Page’ Notion action with a prop

And I get proper results if I copy paste the contents of prop {{}}