Problems when setting up a twitch workflow

i’m trying to set up a twitch workflow. i want it to pull up new followers of my account and post then on a discord channel. so i entered twitch new followers as a source, and dicord server and channel as an output. but the source looks at my account and who i followed instead of who’s following me. any idea how it can be set up correctly?

i found the problem in the api call and fixed it in the code.
maybe somebody with more knowledge of the backend can fix that twitch source for everyone so it acutally does what clamis to do. ^^

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Hi @amon-san

Great catch! You can report bug reports on actions and triggers here in our public Pipedream Github Repository:

A Pipedream team developer or community member will investigate and make a new version to attempt to fix it if they can reproduce the bug.

All Pipedream triggers and actions are open source, so you can also contribute your own fix if you’d like.

Learn about how to develop new and modify existing components here: Overview