Problem inserting a colon in a string to a data store

In the data store action add_update_record I have the following as the Value

{ “time”:"{{steps.current_date_time.$return_value.time}} }
The entry in the data store after this is a plain string, no JSON object.

steps.current_date_time.$return_value.time is something like this: “11:23:54”
I found out that the colons in the time string are the problem.

After changing the Value to:
{ “time”:"{{steps.current_date_time.$return_value.time.replace(/:/g, “;”)}} }
The data store entry is again a JSON object with the downside that I have semicolons as separators.

This seems clearly a bug in the Value parser.

@barn53 thanks for the bug report. I’ve logged a GitHub issue here that you can follow. We’ll have someone take a look and address it.