Postgres New Row Trigger Outputting Incorrect Events

Happy Friday!

I’m seeing some incorrect outputs from the Postgres New Row Trigger, and it appears that it has something to do with when the Postgres table that is the source of the trigger exceeding 1000 rows. See loom video for more details. Please let me know if you need any additional information in order to fix this issue.

Here’s the URL for the source trigger:

Thanks for the help!


Hello @MichelleBergeron, as you familiar with Postgres source. would you mind advice this case?

@tully Hello. I’ve created an issue to address the issue that you can follow here:

Hi @MichelleBergeron,

I’ve been following the progress of the bug fix created for the Postgres issue I was experiencing. I see it was closed yesterday. Has the fix been deployed, or do I need to be a bit more patient (haha) before testing my workflow to see if the Postgres source is functioning as expected?


@tully Yes, the fix has been published. I think you’ll need to redeploy your source to make sure you’re using the updated version.

@MichelleBergeron Does that mean I need to completely recreate the source? Or does it mean I need to redeploy the workflows using the source? If the fix has been published, then I need to do something because I’ve still had the same errors come through for the workflow that ran at 5 PM MST using that Postgres New Row Trigger as the source.

Hello @tully,

The fix has been deployed and you will need to create a new source.

After you have created the source, you can add that source into your existing workflow in your workflow Trigger section. There will be a “+” button that allow you to add another source. Then you can choose your existing source (which is the one you have created)