Possible bug in Reply-to-Tweet functionality?

Hi folks!

I’m trying to use a pipeline to reply to a tweet, but there seems to be a bug / contradiction stopping the tweet from being an actual reply.

In the “In Reply To Status ID” field, the description says "Note: This parameter will be ignored unless the author of the Tweet this parameter references is mentioned within the status text...."

BUT, when I include an @username in the status text, I get this error back from Twitter’s API: Unexpected error (status code: 400): "mentions not allowed"

When I don’t include the @username in the status text, it successfully tweets but as a standalone tweet, not as a reply.

Anyone know what’s going on here? Thanks in advance! :pray:t2:


Hi @jeremynevans1

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

Sorry for the conflicting information, but due to the terms of service on Twitter apps, we cannot allow mentions whatsoever in tweets from the Twitter Pipedream integration.

You can use the Twitter Developer App for an unrestricted integration into the Twitter API.

This short video shows how to register your app directly on Twitter, then passing the credentials to Pipedream so you can use managed Twitter OAuth without code:

Thank you @pierce! I’ve submitted my application to Twitter and will let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

Hi @pierce - I got as far as verifying and connecting my Twitter Developer Account and adding a step, but when I run the step (with the default code) to test the connection, I get this error:

You currently have Essential access which includes access to Twitter API v2 endpoints only. If you need access to this endpoint, you’ll need to apply for Elevated access via the Developer Portal. You can learn more here: Getting Started with the Twitter API | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

That link doesn’t seem to provide a way of getting Elevated Access to v1. Any ideas what I should do here?


Hi @jeremynevans1

Have you registered a Standalone App in the Twitter Developers Console?

That error message sounds like perhaps you have generated a v2 Twitter app. Pipedream is currently using Twitter v1.1 for authentication.

Please follow this issue for v2 migration updates: Migrate Pipedream Twitter app to Twitter's API v2 · Issue #2531 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub

Just wanted to check in here @pierce – so even though there is an “reply to tweet” option and “In Reply To Status ID” field in the built in GUI twitter app feature in Pipedream, this does not work and will not work? Is there any reason for including it as its quite confusing (assuming it doesn’t work).