Possible bug in datastore difference check

Hi I looked at the doing checks on 2 different dataStores, however the work flow step always states they are the same.

This is due to the code only checking on key and not value.

As value is set and updated usually via the results of other steps and is the dynamic item and the key is usually static it makes little sense to do a diff check on the key and every sense to do it on the value.


DataStore1 =
Key = Name
Value = John Smith

DataStore2 =
Key = Name
Value = David Jones

The diff check provided by pipedream would show no difference on the above 2 dataStores as it only checks the key which is name in both cases.

See https://github.com/PipedreamHQ/pipedream/blob/master/components/data_stores/actions/get-difference/get-difference.mjs

I tried to copy the code and write my own step replacing the key for value but running the code fails with

“type missing for prop app”



Okay I figured out a work around,

If I use the “add update record” I can choose a key from previous step results.

However if I use “add or update multiple records” then I can only add my step data to the value and not the key.

My work around was to add both key and value using the single record add.
As I can now add my dynamic data to a key I can use the check difference in dataStore.

Still seems weird and I think users should have ability to check both keys and values for differences.