Please add a Note/Description capability to Workflows

I love the new Folders structure for workflows. The only thing that is missing and should be incredibly easy to add, is a simple “Note” or Description you can add to a workflow that explains what the workflow is for. This is not part of code or anything, just something a user would type to explain what a workflow does and add some other helpful information. You allow names for workflows, so just have another field to add a description. Incidentally, b/c there is no ability to add description now for workflows, we are forced to add a code Step to every workflow to explain what is going on in the workflow and this is a complete waste of code and memory for us on the workflows. But we have no other way to add non-code notes to a workflow for explanation purposes. thanks.

That feature request is on GitHub!

But please add a comment to it to specify the difference between workflow description & step notes!

Just added a comment on Github. I think having a simple description of a workflow is an easy first step and then add notes each step after. Really, this is essential. It’s really hard to work without this once you get past a few workflows.