Pipedream support trigger by faunadb streaming event update?

hi, does pipedream support workflow triggered by faunadb’s streaming event? i.e. when a data value changed, fauna will automatically push the changes to all subscribers, can this streaming update trigger a pipedream workflow to process the updated data?
if can not, is there any alternative solutions?
more on fauna streaming:


Hi @munkean,

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

Great question, it looks like the only FaunaDB source we currently have pre-built is for polling a collection to detect if new records where added:

But this event streaming feature is very interesting, it could instead stream them directly as events to trigger your workflow.

You can request to have this source added here.

Or you can build it yourself as a Pipedream Source Component which would make it available for use in your workflows.

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