Pipedream Internal Error on my workflow

I’m trying to figure out this intermitent error, but don’t have a clue of what’s going on. Support team can help me? The workflow is already shared with support team: https://pipedream.com/@ivanseidel/pipedrive-organization-event-p_G6CaQ83

Hi @developers,

First off, welcome to Pipedream! Happy to have you.

I see that you’re still using Workflow v1, would you mind replicate your workflow to a new Workflow v2? You can simply create a new workflow, and it will use v2 by default. The UI is similar to this

The new worksflow builder is really buggy, the old experience was much better =/

Hi @developers,

Sorry that you faced bad experience with the workflow v2. If possible, would you mind sharing the issues you’re facing via tickets created here?

The v1 workflow is not actively maintained anymore, on the other hand, v2 workflow are actively developed and new features are gradually added (most recently, auto-retry feature). So I would recommend you to switch to workflow v2

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