Pipedream encountered an error when connecting to twitter


I am trying to create an RSS to Twitter workflow. I read all the documents and followed the steps. My RSS feed is being understood OK by Pipedream.

But when I try to create a new connection to Twitter, I enter my keys in the flow, and a new window pops up which simply says:

“Pipedream encountered an error when connecting to your account. Our Support Team has been notified and is looking into it.”

So… based on this message I don’t think I am doing anything wrong? I tried waiting 48+ hours, I tried using different web browsers, but the same message persists.

I also tried to create this account connection in Pipedream outside of a workflow, just under the “connected accounts”, same error.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @alex,

First off, welcome to Pipedream! Happy to have you.

I have tried to reproduce your issue but couldn’t. Could you confirmed that you input the API Keys and Secret correctly per the instruction? It should be the Consumer Keys section, with API Key and Secret respectively

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Hello, thanks for the reply.

I believe that I did copy it correctly, as per instructions.

If it was an issue with the API keys/secret, wouldn’t it be a different error message, like wrong credentials? Why does the error say pipedream staff have been notified, that is what throws me off…


Could you check if the URI in the “Callback URI / Redirect URI”: https://api.pipedream.com/connect/oauth/oa_gk6iBa/callback?

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Okay, my apologies

I was using OAuth 2.0 Client ID and Client Secret from the twitter dev page

I got confused by the documentation on pipedream which states " 1. Click “Done” (the Client ID and Client Secret that are shown on the next page are not required for this setup)"

But those are the ones that I do need, it turns out?

thank you anyhow! it is working